Friday, December 23, 2011

Trout Log

Didn't get out half as much as I would have liked.. That will change this next season. I had a blast though every time I went out.. Caught my first tiger trout and I would say had a great season!

293 Trout in Hand. That beats the 2010 season by 146 trout but falls short of my first year trout fishing in 2009 which I caught 357. So in 3 seasons I have caught 797 trout in total. I am definitely going to push that over 1000 this next season!

Golden Trout - 58 (biggest 19 inch female)
Lake Trout - 7 (biggest 23 inch male)
Brown Trout - 95 (biggest 18.5 inch male)
Brook Trout - 121 (biggest 14 inch female)
Rainbow Trout - 11 (biggest 13 inch female)
Tiger Trout - 1 (7 inch male)

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